Chemotherapy Education

If your Oncologist or Haematologist has recommended you to commence on chemotherapy or another form of treatment, it is normal to feel worried, anxious and/or overwhelmed.
At Westside Haemotology and Oncology Clinic we believe that knowing what to expect is important. We know that understanding your disease and treatment helps to reduce stress and anxiety. We also know that chemotherapy is an individual experience. With this in mind, we offer you an individual patient education session to explain what treatment your doctor has recommended, how the treatment works, how your treatment will be given, possible side effects and ways to manage these side effects.

Ideally we would like to arrange this education session before you start your treatment to allow you time to process the information. If it’s not possible to schedule an information session prior to starting your treatment, we will still provide you with this information during your treatment.
We encourage you to bring a family member or support person to both the education session and treatment appointments.